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First, I will introduce myself: My name is Dirk Martinsons, born in Stuttgart (Germany) on the 22.11.1966. My father is Aleksandrs Martinsons, born in Riga (Latvia) on the 26.09.1943. His father or my grandfather was Aleksandrs Martinsons, born in Minsk on the 18.08.1916. Unfortunately, my grandfather died on the 15.10.1962 in Esslingen (Germany). 


Due to the chaos and unclear situation during and after the Second World War my grandfather and his family, were translated to the American War Refugees Camp at Esslingen (Germany). Because of the chaos (or me not quite clear) one of the family member (the first son of my grandfather, brother of my father and my uncle – Leopolds Martinsons, born in Jelgava (Latvia) on the 26.04.1941) was send/emigrate alone (9 years old) to the USA (in detail – New York, see attached list of passengers and index card).


Is it possible to find (with this dates) the whereabouts of my uncle Leopolds Martinsons in the USA? Have you more information regarding the whereabouts/or family of my uncle?


In the index card (Leopolds Martinsons – G02732717) from the American War Refugees Camp at Esslingen (Germany) is the following comment:


“According to the decision of the Envoy of the Republic of Latvia in Washington D.C. Dr. Bilmanis”.


Furthermore, I find in the list of passengers following information:

Roll No.: 41 – MCA.

Master List No.:   7468

Visa No.: 533

E.C. No.: 157741

Val. No.: U-1

Name: Leopold Martinsons

IRO St.: C

Nationality: Latvian

Religion:  uv. L.

Mar. St. & Sex: S/M

Age:  9

Country of birth:  Latvia

Occupation: nono

Area: 7, AZG

Sponsor: USCom.

Destination in USA: 2154th Ave. New York, N.Y.

•      Also, a Note in the index card: USA on 25.07.1950.


The specified and corresponding Visa No. is for my understanding the most important and helpful information!

It would give me a great pleasure, if you can help me to find the whereabouts of my uncle.


I am now searching over several years and it is my heart“s desire to find my “lost” uncle. He must have now the age of 80 years! Hopefully, he is still alive!


If you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact me!



Many thanks in advance and kind regards!

Dirk Martinsons




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